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Do you need a virtual classroom for training or other event?Virtual Classrooms


All MyPlaceToLearn clients have access to a virtual classroom and conference center for very affordable rates. Let our staff set up your next online training event or online conference. We will do all the leg work; creating and sending invitations, manage ecommerce, moderating the session, helping you with your presentation logistics, and providing post-session surveys and post-session reporting. MyPlaceToLearn takes care of all the integration allowing you to have a stress free event!


TO SAVE A DATE: Call 1-800-752-5446 or email!




"In the past five years we’ve delivered over 50 different worksite health promotion training webinars for our members, and I can’t imagine doing even one of them without Mitch Anderson and MyPlaceToLearn in our corner. With them handling all the administrative and technical tasks we’re free to focus on content with the confidence that everything will run smoothly.


Registrations, systems checks, audio quality control, rehearsals, technical support, moderating webinar sessions, troubleshooting, reporting – the list of services that MPTL provides us really goes on and on. And with their ability to record our webinars we’ve been able to build a nice training library our members can access any time. MPTL even provides resources to help speakers create engaging materials and in some cases coaches them on presentation skills that will be effective in a webinar format. This has been particularly valuable when we’ve had speakers without a lot of e-presentation experience.


With all that MPTL does for us, one of things I appreciate most is Mitch’s professional and friendly approach. Working with him is a terrific experience. He’s always prepared and covers every detail. On the rare occasion when the unexpected arises he calmly, confidently, and quickly handles the situation. Our annual webinar series has been a hit with our members; they appreciate attending training without having to travel and see these webinars as a valuable service that we provide. As we begin planning for our sixth year of webinars, I’m thankful that Mitch and MyPlaceToLearn are on our team."
Jon Smith, Health Promotion Specialist - Association of Washington Cities