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Executing Coaching

Developmental coaching is a key enabler in leadership development, organizational and Executive Coaching behavioral change. Yet few companies employ this powerful tool. Implementing a top-down executive coaching program that cascades throughout the organization can quickly produce a sustainable competitive advantage and a proven return on investment. MyPlaceToLearn, in partnership with Cornerstone Services and Proseris, LLC, provides a comprehensive four-phase framework for improving leadership effectiveness and developing coaching and management skills. This flexible and sustainable framework provides a catalyst for behavioral change, applying the coaching concepts, processes, systems and tools, and a platform for certification that produces tangible results quickly.

Providing our clients with a comprehensive, four-phase framework, for improving leadership effectiveness and developing coaching and management skills, using our unique online tools and resources, allowing for significant cost savings and long term benefits.


Four-Phase Framework

Phase 1: Alignment with Leadership Direction and Behavioral Assessment Profile

Phase 2: Learning Lab: Coaching Workshop and follow-up sessions (web and telephone)

Phase 3: Profiles and Coaching Development Plan

Phase 4: Application to teams and certification

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