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Our Leadership and Peer Review Profiles are skill-based talent assessments based on competencies. Our assessments compare self-assessment to peer/manager/direct report assessments and recommend action plans for development in specified areas of improvement.


Everything begins and ends with Leadership… people leave people not companies. Without effective leadership, organizations may never realize their greatest potential, profitability and competitive advantage. To develop leaders, organizations must help them get clear insight into their behavior and skills – what’s working and what’s not from different perspectives - helping them understand themselves and the relationships between how they behave, think and act. Once this awareness is achieved, leadership development can proceed. Without it, change rarely happens.


> Supports leadership development program and cultural change
> Uncovers personal awareness and stimulates change
> Enhances coaching effectiveness
> Ongoing performance management
> Reveals insight and propels learning and development
> Develops emerging leaders
> Feedback on competencies with gap analysis reporting
> Identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement
> Prioritizes development plan