7 Moments That Define Excellent Leaders


Presented by Lee Colan, Ph.D.

Based on the book "7 Moments… That Define Excellent Leaders" by Lee J. Colan, PhD. How long does it take to build Leadership Excellence? Just moments… defining moments, that is.

Defining moments might be positive or negative, but either way, we are never the same after experiencing one. These moments shape the leaders we are and the leaders we will become.

The difference between average and excellent can be found in moments... literally

  • The moment we commit ourselves to a goal
  • The moment we create a compelling plan to realize our vision
  • The moment of honest self-reflection that urges us to take action
  • The moment we feel that our team is really starting to click
  • The moment we decide to invest in others
  • The moment we face our fears and choose to change
  • The moment we take a stand for what we believe

In this webinar, you will learn about the seven moments that define excellent leaders...and how you can use them! Based on the book, 7 Moments...That Define Excellent Leaders, it will help your leaders seize the moment and move toward leadership excellence!

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