The Basics of Effective and Cooperative Communication – For Leaders


Communication is an interpersonal process. This course uncovers opportunities to improve the way leaders relate to each other and to their employee teams. Even the best leaders find it difficult to break from their routines to review performance, monitor progress towards goals, and provide effective feedback. Upon completion of this course, leaders will know:

  1. What motivates employees - highly motivated employees achieve better results and take feedback more seriously.
  2. How to give higher quality feedback in a performance appraisal discussion or at any time -employees who get behavioral feedback can fix problems faster and more effectively.
  3. How to request feedback from employees - sharing ideas produces innovative solutions.
  4. How to have effective, ongoing performance discussions – it’s the rich discussion that changes behaviors.
  5. How to get different responses from employees by applying different communication techniques to fit the employee and the unique situation. 

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