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Monday Morning LeadershipMonday Morning Leadership


Business Week Top 15 Business Book! Over 1 million sold!


Price: $USD 14.95


Monday Morning Leadership (Audio CD)Monday Morning Leadership (Audio CD)


Special Segment: Author David Cottrell tells the story behind the story.

Everyone likes a good story … especially if there are lessons that can be immediately applied to life.


Price: $USD 19.95


Sticking to It: The Art of AdherenceSticking to It: The Art of Adherence


Win or Lose? You Choose.

The game is won by those who EXECUTE their strategies. Sticking To It: The Art of Adherence reveals the secrets to success for high-achieving individuals and teams.   Read it and win!


Price: $USD 9.95


Listen Up, Leader!Listen Up, Leader!


Leadership is key to your business success. And who better to identify what makes a good leader than the people being led? That's what this handbook is all about!


Price: $USD 10.95


Walk the Talk?And Get the Results You WantWalk the Talk?And Get the Results You Want


A staple for business leaders


Price: $USD 21.95


Becoming the Obvious ChoiceBecoming the Obvious Choice


This roadmap shows how to maintain motivation


Price: $USD 9.95


How to Build a Better YouHow to Build a Better You


Listen to the proven laws


Price: $USD 99.95


Listen Up, Sales & Customer ServiceListen Up, Sales & Customer Service


Written from the perspective of a customer who cares enough to tell you the truth, this book maps a step-by-step pathway to long-lasting customer relationships.


Price: $USD 9.95


180 Ways to Walk the Customer Service Talk180 Ways to Walk the Customer Service Talk


Packed with proven strategies and tips


Price: $USD 10.95


Listen Up, Teacher...YOU are making a differenceListen Up, Teacher...YOU are making a difference


An inspiring book written for those who have dedicated their life to teaching school.


Price: $USD 9.95



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