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Books & Other Resources:

Inspire Any Audience VideoInspire Any Audience Video


Learn the fundamentals of successful presentations presented by two of the presentation masters: Zig Ziglar and Tony Jeary.


Price: $USD 69.95


STI - Post-it Notes pads (set of 10)STI - Post-it Notes pads (set of 10)


These 4X6" notepads are great for spreading the word about sticking to your plans.


Price: $USD 34.95


Goal-Based Activity PlanningGoal-Based Activity Planning


Our Goal-Based Activity Planning module provides easy-to-implement methods for setting individual goals which support and reinforce team and corporate goals.


Price: $USD 99.95


Both Ethics and Goal-Based ModulesBoth Ethics and Goal-Based Modules


Save money by purchasing both the Goal-Based Activity Planning and Ethics and Integrity modules.


Price: $USD 139.95


Be InVinceAble Video (VHS or DVD)Be InVinceAble Video (VHS or DVD)


16.572 seconds could change your life!

In the first 16.572 seconds of a Vince Poscente keynote you will know why.

Vince Poscente knows the key to making a message stick with an audience is to provide an "experience."


Price: $USD 39.95


Ethics 4 Everyone Leaders Guide




Price: $USD 49.95


Passionate Performance Learning Cubes (set of 10)Passionate Performance Learning Cubes (set of 10)


Play and learn! A great interactive way to reinforce the Passionate Performance message. Use them during a workshop or as takeaways afterward to serve as a hands-on quick reference guide to employee engagement.


Price: $USD 39.95


Passionate Performance Reminder Cards (set of 10)Passionate Performance Reminder Cards (set of 10)


Perfect to reinforce the key points from the book, workshop or speech on Passionate Performance. Vivid, full-color summary of Engaging Strategies.


Price: $USD 19.95


Communication Mastery CD SetCommunication Mastery CD Set


The 8-CD Communication Mastery audio cd program delivers simple secrets to move toward Communication Mastery and help you be more persuasive, establish instant crediability and accomplish your communication goals.


Price: $USD 99.95


Success Theater (DVD)Success Theater (DVD)


The Success Theater delivers tips for achieving presentation and communication mastery. Use this tool as both a reinforcement and teaching tool to increase effectiveness, improve sales and gain accelerated success.


Price: $USD 39.95