Ethics and Business Conduct


Ethics is about doing the "right" thing. In a business setting, ethics also involves ensuring that company values are shared and upheld by all members of the organization. This course introduces the concept of business ethics and highlights the company code of ethics and/or business conduct which describes company values and standards of conduct. Students learn by applying "the code" to a series of "ethical dilemmas" typical of the workplace. Students also learn of the channels for reporting code violations should the need arise.


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Ethics and Business Conduct for Managers


Ethical organizations enjoy many benefits both economic and social. This course focuses on the manager's role in creating an ethical organization and creating strategies for handling ethical dilemmas. Business Ethics for Managers provides perspective on the purpose and benefits of ethics in business and professional life, helping managers understand the complex roles and relationships of law, morality, and professional codes of conduct in daily business activities.


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Sell For Success: What You Need to Know About Selling


This course teaches you techniques to become a successful salesperson in any sales setting.


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Essential Skills for New Leaders - 3 Part Course


Often, promoting from within is a great strategy for getting even more value out of proven company assets. However, without the proper leadership and management tools, companies run the risk of promoting star employees into difficult, if even no-win, scenarios. This leadership 101 course is designed to give new managers tools to begin their new roles with confidence, competence, and commitment. This course focuses on 20 important leadership skills including effective listening and communication, collaboration and team building, self-awareness and perception, leading by example, the role of respect and fairness, recognition and talent management, conflict resolution, and how to build a solid and successful relationship with peers and management alike. 


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Making the Shift to Delegation


Making The Shift to Delegation  PreviewDelegating can be a valuable win-win tool. When done correctly, it empowers employees, encourages innovation and leadership and develops high contributors throughout the organization. In this course, you will learn the art of successful delegation including assigning, coaching, feedback, and follow through.


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Project Management


Intended for entry level and mid-level managers and team leaders, this course provides information on how to successfully plan, Project Management Course Previewmanage and deliver projects. You'll learn to organize your project, by establishing baselines, requirements, the work plan, and budget. And you'll learn to evaluate the results on an ongoing basis and address problems as they arise in order to assess and adjust performance throughout the project period.


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The Power of Teams


Power of Teams Course PreviewAs organizations continue towards a “competitive service strategy,” there is an increased demand for higher levels of employee commitment to quality, internal and external customer satisfaction, teamwork, and cooperation among diverse employees. Leading teams successfully requires the skill to create an environment where others will take action. Team leaders must understand the importance of collaboration, be willing to let go of power - and respect trust as a core issue. This course will focus new and seasoned leaders on how to build and maintain high performance teams; how to leverage team member strengths and empower team members to gain commitment.


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Understanding, Preventing and Responding to Workplace Harassment


Preventing Workplace harassment PreviewThis informative course explains different kinds of harassment, defines for employees what steps to take if they feel they are being harassed and provides supervisors with specific techniques for responding to harassment in the workplace.


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Sustainable Productivity


Sustainable Productivity PreviewThis training module addresses the changes organizational leaders can make today to gain measurable results towards their bottom line in a way that contributes to employee development, organizational productivity, and overall goal achievement.


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Workplace Negotiation


Workplace Negotiation PreviewThis course will teach how to maintain the balance of tension between cooperation and competition and between advocacy and inquiry – for this is the essence of collaboration that will lead to successful negotiation!


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