Personal Protective Equipment: Foot Protection


This course is about the proper use and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the foot. Upon completion of this course, workers will be able to describe types of foot protection and recognize potential hazards. This course will help employees understand their responsibilities with respect to foot protection and the importance of ensuring proper fit and use of safety shoes or boots.


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Personal Protective Equipment: Hand & Arm Protection


This course is about the proper use and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE) for hands and arms. Upon completion of this course, workers will be able to recognize potential hazards and know the appropriate time to wear gloves. This course will help employees understand their responsibilities with respect to hand and arm protection and the importance of ensuring proper fit and use of gloves.


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Defensive Driving


Learning to drive defensively is your best protection against becoming involved in a potentially life-threatening accident. By understanding and adhering to the safety tactics and practices outlined in this course, you will be better prepared to protect yourself and your passengers.


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Calming an Unhappy Customer - DSHS 2 CE


All customer interactions (internal and external) - whether in person, on the phone or online - have components that can either raise or lower the customer’s image of your organization and the service you provide. Employees will learn to balance three things at once: this issue at hand, the emotion of the unhappy customer, and their own response to the customer. They will learn why customers get upset and what they really want - customers want to be understood. Customer service is transactional - it is the basics. Customer empathy is demonstrated when the person providing the service is able to make emotional contact with the customer.This course is intended for Administrators, Managers and RN's who will interact with internal and external customers.


Price: $USD 99.00


Conflict Resolution - DSHS 2 CE


People are hired and placed together on teams based on their skills and knowledge and not on individual personality types and value systems. As a result, people with different perspectives have to interact to fulfill job roles and responsibilities. Disagreements caused by lack of interpersonal communication skills or differences about how work gets done often focus on winning rather than problem solving. This course provides guidelines and personal strategies for settling disagreements, resolving issues with others, working together to solve problems, and for communicating cooperatively in the workplace including words to eliminate, phrases to avoid, and the use of positive language.


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DOT Drug Free Workplace Traing for Supervisors of Covered Employees - DSHS 2 CE


This Drug-Free workplace training meets the requirements for the Department of Transportation (DOT) supervisor training. Supervisors will learn how to recognize and respond to drug and/or alcohol impaired employees.

Additionally, supervisors will learn how to respond to deteriorating performance that may be the result of substance abuse. This course will cover the essential components of an effective Drug Free Workplace Program including policy development, employee training, employee assistance program, and a drug testing program.

This course is approved by Washington DSHS Aging and Disability Services Administration for two contact hours of continuing education credits for Administrators, Manages and RN's.



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Finance Basics - Accounting - DSHS 2 CE


This course provides a basic understanding of financial management. It demonstrates how to read and understand and interpret the critical areas of financial statements and other reports. Balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements will be reviewed, and participants learn how to apply basic finance and accounting principles to budget preparation and analysis.

Sample workbooks and material are also provided as a part of the course.


Price: $USD 99.00


Performance Coaching and Leadership - DSHS 1 CE


A big difference between highly effective leaders and just adequate leaders is their ability to develop employees. Effective leaders identify development needs, communicate them to employees, build development plans to address needs and provide on-going feedback that gets results. This course will cover how to coach for commitment by understanding how competence, confidence and commitment contribute to each employee’s ability to become a peak performer. It includes the following:

  1. Unlock Employee Potential
  2. Successful Communication
  3. Performance Coaching
  4. Meaningful Feedback
  5. Discussion Checklist
  6. Goal Setting and Development Planning


Price: $USD 79.00


Effective Team Meetings - DSHS 1 CE


Don't let your meetings be time-wasters by always dealing with the urgent rather than the important. This course will cover how to recognize and correct disruptive meeting behavior, increase meeting productivity, encourage participation by all team members, and tips to avoid discussing the same issues next year!

Communication guidelines will be discussed and provided as a download and will include writing agendas, recording action plans, communicating openly and honestly, and reaching consensus on sensitive issues.

DSHS Accredited for Administrators, Managers and RN's.  ~


Price: $USD 79.00


Leading and Motivating - DSHS 1 CE


The opportunity to increase your value to your organization has never been better. Rapid changes in the business climate of today’s economy and the prediction of uncertain economic times ahead make your leadership skills and the initiatives you put in place even more important. To be a successful leader in today’s work environment, you have to be creative, innovative and passionate with the capability to inspire and motivate teams to work together, plan ahead, solve problems, measure results, and achieve amazing increases in productivity. This course will outline methods and techniques that others have used successfully and you can also.


Price: $USD 79.00