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Owner/Manager Training

Whether you are just opening up your first business, coming on board to manage a business, or have been in business for some time, MyPlaceToLearn provides the training and tools to help you be successful in your endeavors. From our off-the-shelf courses, to custom built training for your specific business, we can deliver solutions to meet any business owner/manager's needs.


Essential Skills Part I - Leadership Basics

Essential Skills Part II - Communication Basics

Essential Skills Part III - Performance Management Basics

Sustainable Productivity

A Checklist for Successful Performance Appraisals and Discussion

Developing Work Improvement Plans

Performance Coaching and Leadership

Effective Team Meetings

Leading and Motivating

The Power of Teams

Presentations Plus

Project Management 

Finance Basics

Managing the Only Time You Have

Preventing Workplace Harassment

DOT Drug Free Workplace Training - For Supervisors of Covered Employees

Workplace Negotiation



Employee Training Courses

Below are just a few samples of content developed with the frontline employee in mind. Be sure to contact us to learn how we can help you provide timely and economical training for your staff, specific to your industry and your own business culture. From on-boarding to daily operations, opening/closing duties and even recipe specific training, we have helped our clients to streamline their training programs and make them consistent across franchise locations around the country.


5 Point Customer Service - For Managers

Calming an Unhappy Customer - For Frontline Employees

Conflict Resolution

Drug Free Workplace Awareness - For Frontline Employees

Managing the Only Time You Have

Preventing Workplace Harassment