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For franchise organizations, our solutions are ideal for providing low cost, consistent, and globally up to date training materials, operations instructions (manuals), marketing materials and HR tools. Update the item in one place, and every franchise has access to the most current information instantly.

MyPlaceToLearn builds and manages Custom Training Resource Centers for our clients, providing them with 24/7 access to OnDemand courses, documents, videos, and other training resources, all from the convenience of the web.


Working with organizations of all types and sizes, MyPlaceToLearn's team custom configures the Training Resource Centers with our client's look and feel, "stocking" it with materials selected by the client organization, or custom built for it, to achieve it's training and development goals and needs.


These resource centers include our OnDemand eLearning Platform - KnowledgeVault by MocaWorks, which can also be configured with single-sign-on for seamless access by your employees or membership and is a completely hosted solution (SaaS).


Send us an email, or call 800-752-5446 to let us know how we can assist you.


Whether you need a simple Learning Management System (LMS) for 24/7 access to OnDemand courses and training tracking tools, or a fully rounded OnDemand eLearning Platform including live, instructor-led web training, social networking, online libraries of downloadable resources, OnDemand courses, webinar recordings, books for purchase, and more, MyPlaceToLearn's Custom Training Resource Centers will meet the needs of any Enterprise seeking to access and deliver training efficiently, economically and Green!


For a demo, or more information, call 1-800-752-5446 or email


About Our Knowledge Management System (KMS)



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MyPlaceToLearn’s KnowledgeVault by MocaWorks platform is a fourth generation online learning system built on a scalable, modular architecture. It combines the functionality of a Learning Management System, a Content Management System, Organization Wide Social Networking, and a Knowledge Management System in a truly secure, cloud based environment.


 Call 1-800-752-5446 or email to learn how we can help provide your staff, members and clients with your very own Virtual Learning Center