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Developing Job Descriptions and Position Standards

Developing Job Descriptions and Position Standards What is a job description? The general consensus is that a job description is a formal account of the responsibilities for a specific job or position within an organization. But in reality, a job description is much, much more.

A well-written and detailed job description should be the foundation of your organization's entire recruiting and hiring process, and the first cornerstone of your performance management plan.

In this course, we will discuss the many uses of the job description and how it can help protect the organization from legal liability. We will also learn how to develop the position standards and performance measures necessary for effective job description development. Included in this course are templates and tools your organization can use to ensure proper baselines, benchmarks and performance measures are determined for each critical task of the job and how to transform this invaluable information into an effective job description.


A Checklist for Successful Performance Appraisals and Discussion

Successful Performance Appraisals and Discussions The formal performance appraisal discussion is an integral part of the performance management process. A performance appraisal discussion is the important two-way conversation between the supervisor and the employee regarding:

  • The employee’s performance against this year’s goals and organizational values
  • Goal setting for next performance year
  • Plans for performance improvement and overall development

In addition, regularly scheduled progress discussions can reduce the need for disciplinary action and greatly empower both supervisors and the employees they manage. This course will give supervisors specifics for managing both performance reviews and disciplinary encounters fairly and constructively - from thorough preparation and the discussion itself, to adequate documentation and the all-important follow up.



Calming an Unhappy Customer - For Frontline Employees

All customer interactions (internal and external) - whether in person, on the phone or online - have components that can either raise or lower the customer's image of your organization and the service you provide. Employees will learn to balance three things at once: this issue at hand, the emotion of the unhappy customer, and their own response to the customer. They will learn why customers get upset and what they really want - customers want to be understood. Customer service is transactional - it is the basics. Customer empathy is demonstrated when the person providing the service is able to make emotional contact with the customer. This course is intended for Frontline employees and others who will interact with internal and external customers.


Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution People are hired and placed together on teams based on their skills and knowledge and not on individual personality types and value systems. As a result, people with different perspectives have to interact to fulfill job roles and responsibilities. Disagreements caused by lack of interpersonal communication skills or differences about how work gets done often focus on winning rather than problem solving. This course provides guidelines and personal strategies for settling disagreements, resolving issues with others, working together to solve problems, and for communicating cooperatively in the workplace including words to eliminate, phrases to avoid, and the use of positive language.



Developing Individual Work Improvement Plans

A Work Improvement Plan is a tool for leaders who identify individual employee performance areas that need improving. The creation of a Work Improvement Plan is not necessarily a step in the progressive discipline process but rather an intervention strategy to clearly spell out behavior and/or performance improvement expectations and timelines for achieving results. Leaders will learn how to identify performance issues in the early stages, how to work with the employee to develop specific improvement targets, and how to create and monitor a Work Improvement Plan.


Leading and Motivating

The opportunity to increase your value to your organization has never been better. Rapid changes in the business climate of today’s economy and the prediction of uncertain economic times ahead make your leadership skills and the initiatives you put in place even more important. To be a successful leader in today’s work environment, you have to be creative, innovative and passionate with the capability to inspire and motivate teams to work together, plan ahead, solve problems, measure results, and achieve amazing increases in productivity. This course will outline methods and techniques that others have used successfully and you can also.


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